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Everything You Need to Know About Vectera’s Affiliate Program

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Did you know that Vectera had an affiliate program? Well, we do. We launched it several months ago to our customers, and things have been going great. We decided it was well past time to let everyone know about it.

Read on for all of the details on Vectera’s affiliate program, including how much you can earn and how our software helps businesses who work with clients.

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Introducing Vectera’s affiliate program

With our affiliate program, you earn a percentage of every sale you make for Vectera, simply by sharing your unique affiliate link.

You can share your affiliate link with colleagues, partners, and friends, or use it in your email marketing, blog posts, or other promotional material to earn commissions on autopilot.

Vectera's offering enabled us to go beyond the traditional marketing agency offering. We were able to consult clients in the workflow processes and help them with the implementation of the booking and meeting system.
Jan Van Den Eeckhout - Websauce

All about the payout

Affiliates earn 30% of every sale. Because our software is charged on a recurring basis, you get recurring payouts. If someone signs up for our annual Pro plan, which comes out to $107 per year, you get $32. The longer someone is a customer, the longer you get paid.

Our customer retention rate is high, and we have four and a half stars on the top platforms for software reviews, Capterra and G2. You can rest assured that you’re promoting a quality product.

Meet Vectera, the world’s best platform for virtual client meetings

If you’re not familiar with Vectera, you might be wondering why you would promote our SaaS company as an affiliate.

Unlike other meeting software, Vectera is designed specifically for client meetings.

Wouldn’t it be nice if clients always knew where to find notes and communications from your previous meetings? Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could draw on files together when discussing changes? With Vectera, you can do these things and more.

Vectera is the only online meeting software that includes the following features built in:

  • Unique client meeting rooms - Each client has their own meeting room where they can join calls and find all the notes and details from previous meetings.
  • Shared whiteboard - When you and your client want to brainstorm together, just open up a whiteboard and start drawing and writing text.
  • File annotation - Open up any image file or PDF to annotate. This is perfect for discussing edits or for simply calling attention to something as you present.
  • Co-browsing tabs - You don’t need to share your screen and risk showing messages or private tabs. Just open up a co-browsing tab in Vectera to securely browse the web together.
  • Stored notes - All of your notes from previous meetings are stored inside of the unique client room, so each client can access the notes relevant to them. You can also store private notes in each client room that only you can see. This is great for long sales cycles, tricky clients, and plenty of other use cases.
  • Fast mobile experience - When clients join online meetings from their mobile devices, they have to stream the screensharing component. Not so with Vectera. Because Vectera doesn’t share your screen but rather files and whiteboards, it offers a smoother, faster mobile experience with much fewer lags.
  • No downloads required - Clients love it when they don’t have to download anything to join your meeting.
  • Appointment scheduling - You can use Vectera for easy online meeting scheduling, so you and your clients never have to go back and forth to find the right time.

Are you intrigued? Do you see all of the amazing use cases for working with clients? Awesome, let’s explore how Vectera applies to different businesses.

The businesses that love Vectera

Vectera is best suited for businesses that work with clients. Meetings can be between 2 and 4 people.

Businesses that love Vectera include:

  • Financial advisors
  • Insurance agents
  • Consultants
  • Coaches
  • Freelancers
  • Trainers
  • Customer success teams
  • Sales teams

Essentially, any business that needs to review material with clients is a fit. For sales conversations, Vectera users will often annotate on a slide deck as they’re presenting. Using Vectera not only gives the annotation and whiteboard features, but also provides a faster mobile experience and stored notes.

On the other hand, consultants and online service providers can use Vectera to go over client work and handle feedback.

Who makes the best affiliate

Our most successful affiliates are well-connected with businesses that serve clients. This includes our own customers who know other client-based businesses, as well as business coaches and trainers who have achieved success in an industry and now teach others the tricks of the trade.

For example, a coach who teaches insurance agents how to grow their business is a great fit to be a Vectera affiliate.

Common ways to promote Vectera

Let’s explore some of the common ways that affiliates are promoting Vectera. You can share your unique affiliate link directly one to one, or to all of your audience.

  • Direct messages and emails - You can send your affiliate link to friends, colleagues, and partners directly via email or social media messages.
  • Social media posts - You can post about Vectera wherever you have a following of business owners and consultants that work directly with clients.
  • Social media comments - If you notice people asking about alternatives to basic online meeting software (that doesn’t impress clients) you can share your link in a comment on their post.
  • Email newsletters - If you have an email newsletter, you can occasionally promote Vectera there. This is a great option for business coaches and trainers.
  • Coaching program materials - If you have a group coaching program or a system that you walk individual clients through, you can include Vectera in your list of recommended tools or wherever you discuss serving clients.
  • Blog posts - You can also include your Vectera affiliate link in any new blog posts you might write about serving clients, or in any existing blog posts that get traffic.

Being an affiliate for the right software is a win-win. You help your audience get better results, show up as an expert, and make income on the side. Business expenses have a way of creeping up, so it’s nice to have recurring revenue streams that can offset them.

Of course, you should only ever promote affiliate products that benefit your audience. If your audience works with clients, then Vectera might be the perfect fit.

Sign up as an affiliate for Vectera or contact us to learn more.

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