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Record your meetings in Vectera

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The beauty of remote meetings is the ability to be present no matter where you are.

But sometimes you simply cannot be present because of sickness, family, or a sick family

and the show must go on without you. For this reason (and many others), Vectera built a complete recording feature that lets you record and access any part of a video meeting! Read on to see how it works, and how it can keep you up-to-date while you tend to your ill grandmother.

Speaking of, Jerry's grandmother is under the weather today, but he's got a big business meeting with Steve about the upcoming merger at the same time! How can Jerry make sure that he and Steve have a productive talk when he needs to keep an eye on his grandmother? The videochat platform Vectera is perfect for getting Jerry and Steve connected, but how can Jerry take notes on the decisions made while tending to his grandma? Let's take a look at how he resolves the problem with the new recording feature.

How to Record

Jerry: Hey, Steve.

Steve: Hey, Jerry! How's it going? Everything alright? I was a little worried when you texted that you had to make this a videochat rather than an in-person meeting.

Jerry: Thanks for agreeing to that on such short notice. My grandma is a little sick, so I decided to help her out today--

Jerry's Grandma: Oh, he's such a nice boy, isn't he?

Jerry: Thanks grandma. Anyway, I might be distracted at times during the meeting because of this. I hope my obligation won't stop your flow of ideas about the merger.

Steve: Oh, don't worry about that. See, the videochat platform we use, Vectera, has this great new recording feature that'll let me, uh, record any part of the meeting we want!

Jerry: Really? That sounds almost too convenient. How does it work?

Steve: Well, only the host can record meetings, which is why it's a good thing we're in my meeting room and not yours--

Jerry: Gotta say, though, my meeting room's name of "The Thunderhead" is way better than your lame "Jerry+Steve=Magic" name.

Steve: Regardless, because I'm the host, I can record meetings after downloading the famous and always present Vectera Helper browser extension. Once I do that, it's really easy to record an in-progress meeting. Check out this mini-recording of the process that I just did!

Hi, Jerry!

Jerry: Uh, as the host, couldn't you use that to start recording whenever? I don't want you capturing me when I inevitably rant about the weather.

Steve: Well, the Recordings button on the top-right part of your screen will start flashing as soon as the host starts recording, so you'll at least know if I'm trying to bottle your opinion about thunderstorms--

Jerry: Which are by far the coolest storms--

Steve: But we're partners here. I wouldn't start recording you without asking for permission first.

Stopping a Recording

Jerry: That's great and all, but, once you've started a recording, I bet it continues recording until the end of the meeting.

Steve: Not true! It's actually pretty easy to stop a recording as the host. In fact, I made another recording of how simple it is. Check it out below.

stopping recording videochat
Again, just two clicks!

Jerry: As always, you're too well-prepared. Unlike me--

Jerry's Grandmother: I'll say! Can you believe this, Steve? My doting grandson came by to ease my ills, but all he's been doing since getting here is cause more trouble than help!

Jerry: Look, how was I supposed to know instant oatmeal blows up in the oven? Oh, I really hope you didn't record that.

Steve: Luckily for you, I did pause the recording as soon as your grandmother came on screen. I don't want higher-ups seeing that we leaked proprietary secrets to the public, even if it was just to your grandmother.

Jerry: True that. But now that the recording has been paused or stopped, what happens to the footage?

Steve: Glad you asked. You actually have the choice of four options when it comes to dealing with the footage:

  • upload the video to the Vectera Cloud
  • download the video to your computer
  • keep it around on the browser temporarily for private viewing
  • delete the recording forever

Accessing a Recording

Jerry: Okay, and then how do you actually access those recordings that got uploaded to the Vectera Cloud?

Steve: Those stick around in the meeting room itself. Remember that flashing Recordings button? Just click it to get access to all the recordings made in the meeting room. Check out my recording of that below.

accessing recording videochat
Or watch me click it. Either works.

Jerry: Way too prepared, as always, Steve.

Steve: Thanks! Anyone with access to the meeting room can access these videos, so make sure you trust whomever you're speaking to, or that there's nothing too graphic on the tapes.

Jerry: I can't imagine us ever talking about something "too graphic" for HQ. What if my hard drive is full and I can't download the important videos?

Steve: You can just click the "preview" button below the recording. It'll open a new browser window that'll play the video as-is.

Jerry: That's great to hear. But just how much of this video can be stored in the meeting room? Vectera's cloud can't be as big as the thunderhead, which is also what I call my hard drive.

Recording Specs

Steve: Man, your naming practices are weird.

Jerry: Oh yeah? I bet your hard drive's name is just as weird.

Steve: My hard drive has the perfectly normal name of "Steve's Stuff". Anyway, the Vectera cloud has up to 2 gigabytes of space for any file you wish to upload to it with our basic plan. Since an hour of a video recording is about 350 megabytes, you can get around 5 or 6 hours uploaded to the cloud.

Jerry: That sounds like enough time for me to explain why cumulonimbus clouds are the best type of clouds.

Steve: Considering the amount of storage we get with it, I'd say the Vectera cloud is the best type of cloud.

Jerry: Ugh. But that cloud can easily run out of storage, especially with how much we need to discuss the merger.

Steve: Fortunately, we can rent more room as needed from Vectera. Which reminds me, the recording feature itself is another $5 a month in addition to the $10 a month for the Vectera Essentials.

Jerry: A small price considering how convenient this thing is. Right, grandma?

Jerry's Grandma: I wish I could pay $15 a month for a better grandma!

Jerry: Okay, grandma, back to bed. We need to discuss the merger.

Jerry's Grandma: If you want me to sleep, you should let me hear all the details about the merger!

We have to leave Jerry, his grandma, and Steve there, since the trio ran out of recording room due to all the previous files on rainclouds kept in the meeting room. As such, we cannot say more about Jerry and Steve's mysterious merger. Instead, we can tell you much more about the best videochat platform, Vectera. With its ease of use, speed, and features, Vectera is the perfect business videochat platform. Find out more here: https://www.vectera.com/pricing.

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