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Wonder how Vectera compares to Whereby? There really are plenty of reasons to use Vectera as your go-to online meeting platform. We continuously evaluate all key players in the videoconferencing field and make sure Vectera offers best value for a really sharp price tag.

Let's start with a direct comparison of the features that really matter and great additions that make your online meetings more effective.

Don't have time to read the in-depth comparison? Check the wrap-up table and start better video meetings now.

1. Don't limit yourself to classic audio/video/screenshare. Bring more creativity and engagement in the conversation.

Classic meeting solutions all boast the same features: audio/video/screensharing. These are the basics that should work, every single time. We got these dialled.

But what if you could demo your app together with your client? Or give interactive support to your client? Or draw a server infrastructure, a revenue plot or any other graph on a whiteboard? Vectera has integrated whiteboards that enable you to write down meeting minutes, visualise spec lists, show proposals and so much more.

And best of all, your creativity is automatically synced and stored.

Superclean interface with pleny of powerful features

2. Everything stays in place, ready for the next meeting. No need to re-explain, re-upload, re-copy-paste.

When a regular video meeting ends, everything is gone. Vectera works fundamentally different: Create persistent video rooms for each of your clients or projects and keep track of all content and communication in one single place.

All notes, documents and meeting recordings stay in this virtual meeting room. When meeting the customer again, you can pick up the conversation where you have left.

Write meeting minutes during your meeting

3. Professional look and feel marks a good first impression

Vectera has been built with a strong focus on interactions with external clients: Sales, training, customer demos, support and more.

When you meet your (potential!) client for the first time, you want to make a good impression. By using a cheap tool, you are basically inviting your client in a cheap looking environment. Not the best environment to start a sales conversation for instance. All Vectera rooms have a super clean, modern look and feel. And some emojis, if that suits you.

Think about Vectera as a professional looking lobby, with custom branded waiting screen to give your client a warm welcome. It's even better than a lobby in a building: this one has analytics...

During the actual meeting, Vectera presenter mode is available which enables the host to really shape the conversation: Only show a shared screen or content that is relevant at that time of the conversation.

4. Deeper integration with the tools you are already using on a day-to-day basis.

We have a strong focus on sales & customer success teams; Vectera is created to deliver a much more seamless experience with the apps you are working with on a daily basis.

  • Automatically generate new meeting rooms based on calendar bookings
  • sync private notes to contact notes in your CRM
  • Leverage the open API for integrations with your own app: Automatically generate rooms based on triggers in your app, fill rooms with any presentation or document.
Don't hesitate to get ask Tobit's experience with Vectera: tobit@esoptra.com

Summary table to wrap up

Vectera starts at a very reasonable pricing level at €7,99/user/month. You get a ton of high quality features included that will actually boost your online meeting effectiveness.

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