Vectera February updates

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February was short, but the results are big! With for example a new integration and updates in the meeting rooms, we definitely did our part. Log in to your Vectera account and discover the new Hello Customer integration, the switch cam button on mobile, updated API documentation, and more!

Sync meeting feedback to Hello Customer

The best possible moment to ask your customers for feedback is right after you’ve met them. Vectera lets you request feedback from your customer when the meeting ends. The feedback question can be customized - a powerful feature to measure customer satisfaction. Available in Vectera Business and Enterprise. Get in touch to have this feature enabled.

This past month, we’ve set up an integration with Hello Customer. You can now automatically sync your customers’ feedback immediately to your Hello Customer account where you’ll have an overview of all given feedback including powerful analytics. In that way, you get more insights so you can keep improving your customer meetings!

Do you have an account at Hello Customer? Don’t hesitate and connect it to your Vectera account on the integrations page or follow the steps in this help article.

Switch easily between front and back camera on mobile

When joining Vectera on a mobile device, it’s useful to easily switch between your front and back camera. Until now, you had to select the correct camera in the meeting room settings.

That just became a whole lot easier. All you have to do is tap your own camera image twice. In that way, easily switch back and forth and quickly select the camera of your choice.

More information can be found in this help article.

Crystal clear API documentation

Vectera’s API provides the ability for Enterprise clients to integrate meeting room creation and user management in their app or website ⚙️ . To make sure our enterprise clients easily find their way through all possibilities, we rewrote our API documentation. From now on, you can find a complete and crystal clear overview of all API possibilities over here.

API access is available for Enterprise or Business customers with at least 5 hosts. If you want to integrate Vectera deeply into your app or website, don’t hesitate to get in touch to request your API token and get started.

Other improvements

  • If your customers are redirected to your website or a special thank you page after your meeting is ended, they now will still be able to leave their feedback. Learn more about meeting feedback in this help article.
  • Meeting rooms are now also available in Lithuanian. Learn more about meeting room languages in this help article.

What’s next?

  • Better participant management: since Vectera supports stable group calls with up to 10 participants, it’s time to step up our game regarding participant management. Think of raising hands, mute/kick participants, and more!
  • Improved video quality settings: right now, all participants can edit the video quality settings in the meeting rooms. In the future, only the meeting host will be able to switch on HD mode in the meeting room. This setting will then apply to all participants. However, participants with a weaker connection will still be able to disable incoming video streams.
  • Add images to existing whiteboards: currently, if you upload an image in Vectera, it’s uploaded as a new whiteboard. With this update, you’ll be able to add new images to an existing whiteboard.

Lastly, we would like to highlight that we look forward to your feedback so we can offer you the best scheduling and customer meeting experience. Set up your next customer meeting right away by logging into your account or sign-up for a free, fully-featured trial of Vectera!

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