Vectera Autumn updates 🍂

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Winter is coming, so that means it’s time to warm with another feature update! Presenter mode got an update, you can customise the calendar invitations for scheduled meetings, it’s now possible to log in with your Google or Microsoft account, and many more!

Social signup

Tired of always filling in your email address and password manually when logging in to Vectera? If you’ve signed up with your Google, Outlook, or Office365 account in Vectera, you’ll now be able to log in with just 1 click!

Also, new users or new team members can easily sign up for a Vectera account by choosing “sign up with Google” or “sign up with Microsoft” on the signup page.

Improved presenter mode for distraction-free meetings

Presenter mode is one of the many exciting features of Vectera. However, it was kind of hidden in the settings of your meeting rooms. But not anymore! As a meeting host, you can now (de)activate presenter mode in the top right corner of the meeting room by clicking the presenter mode icon. Just 1 click from now on, instead of the hassle of opening the meeting room settings!

Guest view: presenter mode is switched off
Guest view: presenter mode is switched on

If you want to learn more about presenter mode, this help article is the place to go!

Customize the calendar invitation

Following the confirmation email customizations, you can now also customize the text of your calendar invitation. In that way, you can make the calendar invitation more personal.

You can edit the default “Calendar event” email in the scheduling configurations or customize it per specific appointment type.

Whiteboard updates

The color and line thickness settings in the whiteboards had a visual update. It’s now also possible to select both in just 1 click instead of 2. In that way, you can start drawing/typing immediately together with your guest in the meeting room.

Other improvements

  • Loading time booking pages Outlook/Office365: if you’ve connected an Outlook or O365 calendar to Vectera, your booking page will now load significantly faster!
  • Team management update: email addresses of team members are now shown on the team members page. Find out more in this help article.
  • Improved video quality settings: you can now choose between “audio-only”, “Standard” or “High”.

Lastly, we would like to highlight that we look forward to your feedback. Our main goal still is to improve your experience by creating online meeting rooms. Eager to get going? Log into your account or get started with a free, fully-featured trial of Vectera.

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