Why moving from Skype to Vectera is a good idea

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You might have installed Skype way back for a videochat with a relative abroad. That blue background and "shhh-pop"-sound when you open Skype sounds very familiar for many. But is it really the best way to professionally meet a client these days?

When you meet your (potential!) client for the first time, you want to make a good impression. That hangover-holiday pic is not be the best customer touch point. And that first username "shredmeister69" is not a good first starting point either.

1. A professional look and feel marks a good first impression

Vectera has been built with a strong focus on interactions with external clients: Sales, training, customer demos, support and more.

When you meet your (potential!) client for the first time, you want to make a good impression. All Vectera rooms have a super clean, modern look and feel. And some emojis, if that suits you.

Think about Vectera as a professional looking lobby, with custom branded waiting screen to give your client a warm welcome. It's even better than a lobby in a building: this one has analytics...

2. Everything stays in place, ready for the next meeting. No need to re-explain, re-upload, re-copy-paste.

Regularly meeting with the same person? Vectera works around virtual meeting rooms. All notes, documents and meeting recordings stay in this virtual meeting room.

Create persistent video rooms for each of your clients or projects and keep track of all content and communication in one single place.

The client can come back to the virtual room any time to re-check the discussed content. Next time you meet the client again, you can pick up the conversation where you have left.

3. No downloads, no mess, no frustrations.

Say yes to simplicity: The only thing you need for Vectera is a browser. No need to download (and update!) software packages and installers on your system. Instead of 7 clicks, reboots and sign-ins, Vectera signs you up in 1 click and lets your start a meeting with 1 click. Much better!

4. Don't limit yourself to classic audio/video/screenshare. Bring more creativity and engagement in the conversation.

Classic meeting solutions all boast the same features: audio/video/screensharing. These are the basics that should work, every single time. We got these dialled.

But what if you could demo your app together with your client? Or give interactive support to your client? Or draw a server infrastructure, a revenue plot or any other graph on a whiteboard? Vectera has integrated whiteboards that enable you to write down meeting minutes, visualise spec lists, show proposals and so much more. Check the productivity section on our blog to get an idea of what you can achieve with the whiteboards and content.

And best of all, your creativity is automatically synced and stored.

Wrap up & Pricing

Skype is a freemium with it's business offering included in the Microsoft office suite. It handles internal meetings well, but external meetings with clients is not really it's cup of tea.

In the comparison below, we compare Skype for business plan with Vectera:

The big difference between both is the persistent meeting rooms: For any use case where you have recurring customer contact, Vectera is your go-to.

Vectera vs. Skype for Business