Hard to decide between Gotomeeting and Vectera? We've done the research

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You might wonder how Vectera can bring more value when you are considering Gotomeeting? Or why switching if you already have Gotomeeting? At Vectera we do this research continuously, making sure customers get more value and a better experience at a reasonable pricing. The difference between Vectera and Gotomeeting is measured on general user experience, features, service & pricing. 5 key reasons and a wrap up to signup for Vectera!

1. No downloads, no mess, no frustrations.

Say yes to simplicity: The only thing you need for Vectera is a browser. No need to download (and update!) software on your system. Instead of 7 clicks, reboots and sign-ins, Vectera signs you up in 1 click and lets your start a meeting with 1 click. You always have the latest and greatest version of Vectera. Much better!

Superclean interface, 1 click join for clients


Things got a bit ugly during the comparison tests

Even more important: The same goes for the clients you are meeting: Invites are purely based on the meeting room link. No access codes or PINs. Did you miss calls because attendees couldn't find access keys or had no clue how to see/hear you? Fear no more!

2. Don't limit yourself to classic audio/video/screenshare. Bring more creativity and engagement in the conversation.

Classic meeting solutions all boast the same features: audio/video/screensharing. These are the basics that should work, every single time. We got these dialled.

But what if you could browse an app together with your client? Or draw a server infrastructure, a revenue plot or any other graph on a whiteboard? Vectera has integrated whiteboards that enable you to write down meeting minutes, visualise spec lists, show proposals and so much more. And best of all, your creativity is automatically synced and stored.

3. Everything stays in place, ready for the next meeting. No need to re-explain, re-upload, re-copy-paste.

When a regular video meeting ends, everything is gone. Vectera works fundamentally different: Create persistent video rooms for each of your clients or projects and keep track of all content and communication in one single place.All notes, documents and meeting recordings stay in this virtual meeting room.
When meeting the customer again, you can pick up the conversation where you have left.

4. Deeper integration with the tools you are already using on a day-to-day basis.

We have a strong focus on sales & customer success teams; Vectera is created to deliver a much more seamless experience with the apps you are working with on a daily basis.

  • Automatically generate new meeting rooms based on calendar bookings
  • sync private notes to contact notes in your CRM
  • Leverage the open API for integrations with your own app: Automatically generate rooms based on triggers in your app, fill rooms with any presentation or document.

5. An affordable package that has you covered

What happens after the 14 days of free use? Let's see how it compares with GoToMeeting:

Pricing for a team of:

  • 8 users
  • Unlimited video meetings
  • Unlimited API access
  • Mainly 1-on-1 demos

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Wrapping up in a simple table

Vectera vs. GoToMeeting