Vectera has a brand new interface! Find out what has improved

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Over the past few weeks we've been working in full force to make Vectera a lot better. The brand new interface reflects the new company style: bright, easy and powerful.

For everyone who has worked with Vectera in the past, a first question that might pop up is: "What about all the content that I created in the previous version?”. Well don't worry, we can assure you that all your materials will be saved as you created them in the first place, just in a better interface.

The first impression

Upon looking at the pictures below your overall impression might be that the interface has become much clearer and has a fresher look. This was the result of many, many iterations.

New interface vs. Previous interface
New interface vs. Previous interface

The most obvious changes are the new background colour and the rearrangement of all different features. Some users encountered difficulties with locating the buttons since they were scattered all over the previous interface. Now, all controls can be found at the bottom of the page. Shared screens, files and cobrowsing are grouped together on the right hand side.

Whereas the interface used to have a rather dark background colour, it has now been changed to a much brighter greenish-grey. The rearranged layout was chosen carefully in order to optimize the use of screen space. This means that the meeting room bears a much larger space for all your content. Video tiles from other participants are automatically big when the conversation starts, and shrink as soon as the focus shifts to the content you are sharing.

Something else you'll notice if you first start using the new interface is the new ringtone that was installed. Whenever someone wants to enter the meeting a tune will be played so you are more aware of someone joining the meeting room.

Interesting details for increased efficiency

Several very detailed changes have been made that might not be as obvious at first, but will make all the difference in the world once you start organising meetings in the new interface.

Overall, there are fewer buttons and therefore fewer clicks for different steps. Other than that it has become more natural to test your microphone and camera before you enter the room. This helps to avoid issues during the actual meeting. It is very simple, once you've decided how you'd like to enter the room, you are automatically prompted to test your microphone and camera, as shown on the picture below.

Option to test mic and cam before meeting
More natural to test microphone before you enter meeting room. No more 'can you hear me?'

When using the whiteboard you will see that the structure of the menu has changed as well. You can now find the menu in the whiteboard whereas it used to be on the left hand side of it. The other options like the page scroller and zoom function have been placed closer to the tools, in a more visible position, in order to improve work efficiency.

New whiteboard vs. Old whiteboard
New whiteboard vs. Previous whiteboard

For the future:

The interface and workflow update is more than just a minor facelift. The underlying code for all components has also been updated to best-in-class technology to make future development even faster.

Lastly, we would like to emphasize that we look forward to your feedback. In the end our main goal is to improve your experience with creating online meeting rooms. Leave us a message by simply clicking on the question mark in the right corner of every meeting room.

And for now enjoy the new interface !