April updates: improving remote working

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A new month has arrived, so we have new updates to share! We've added some extra options to everyone's account to counter the Covid-19 crisis, updated the help center and made some small improvements.

We made Vectera free for all new users (and upgraded existing users)

As we saw a strong rise in the use of our video meeting software, we wanted to take action and allow as many people as possible to make use of the service to limit the crisis' impact. This means that from March 16th until 1st of June all new users can use Vectera fully featured for free. All our valued existing clients got upgraded to the fully featured plan.


Meanwhile our team is working hard behind the scenes. On your request, we've made some small adjustments, no big changes. As most companies digitalised their business and prepared employees for remote working, we've improved team management options.

Team management

We've got four updates for you.

  • Add 100 members per team: Until June 1st, every team can add up to 100 team members for free. All new team members can create their own meeting rooms and make their own booking page. The cloud storage per team is now 200GB.
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Inviting all your colleagues is possible from now on! Watch out, team settings are only accessible to admin users.
  • Hide team members for non-admin users: In your team settings, it's possible to hide other team members for non-admin users.
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As admin you can deactivate 'show the team members page to non-admins'. Did you notice the reorganization of your dashboard?
  • Team and account settings in subpages (only for admins): Finding your way in settings should be easy, not complicated. We organized the menu in the dashboard for admin users. Team settings, Team members and subscription can be found below settings in subpages on team level. Integrations and profile settings can be found below settings on account level.
  • Optional to toggle on/off database search in invitations: In Team settings, you can toggle on/off the option to search members of the entire database or team members only. This will influence what you see when inviting team members and when you invite guests to have all-time access in a meeting room.


We care about our customers! Questions or suggestions? We really listen to your feedback on chat or product@vectera.com.

  • That's why we added Spanish articles in the help center: You can find the Spanish articles at https://help.vectera.com/es/. Additional languages are scheduled to be added in the future.
  • New help center structure: All available languages are now shown on different pages, which means that we had to move the Dutch articles to a different page (you can find them on this page). In the right top corner of every page you can change the language of the help environment or the article.


  • Immediate redirect after booking a meeting: Per appointment type, you can decide whether the Vectera confirmation should show before the redirect or the redirect should happen immediately.
updates Vectera
Add (or edit) an appointment type and scroll down. In 'general settings' you can choose if the Vectera confirmation screen should pop up or not before redirecting. If you uncheck this box, the redirect is instant.

Meeting rooms

No meeting room-related updates this month... However, we're currently working hard on improving the quality of recorded meetings and letting in multiple participants in a meeting room. Both updates will be released soon.

We love hearing your thoughts! Send us an email or get in touch through chat. Eager to get going? Log into your account or get started with a free, fully featured trial of Vectera.

Happy meetings, stay safe and take care.

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