Vectera September updates: HIPAA compliant, create users with API, better whiteboard navigation and more!

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Another month, so here we are again with Vectera’s newest updates! Vectera is now an official HIPAA-compliant platform and we’ve made it possible to manage and authenticate users with our API. And of course we didn’t forget about the meeting rooms and whiteboards.

Vectera is HIPAA compliant*!

At the end of August, we received the HIPAA Seal of Compliance, the industry standard for verifying HIPAA compliance (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, an act proclaimed by the United States Department of Health and Human Services).

Being compliant means you can manage protected health information in a secure way, a requirement for US entities processing protected health information. So our US customers in healthcare can now safely use Vectera to meet with their clients and patients*!

Fill in the form on our website to get in touch with us for a signed BAA and more information on our healthcare plan.

*Feature restrictions apply. Without a signed BAA and restricted features, Vectera can’t be used in a HIPAA compliant way.

It’s official, we’re HIPAA-compliant!


Manage and authenticate users with the API

This is a pretty big one! Who hasn’t dreamed of a world where you can create, manage and authenticate Vectera-users with the API integration? Well, you can stop dreaming because it’s possible from now on!

Let’s say you have a customer portal. Your clients sign up with their email address, and they’re granted access. Using our API, you can now immediately create a Vectera account for every client - without requiring them to sign up with Vectera as well. Neat, right?

We’ll be covering this use case more in depth in a separate blog. For now, here’s an example of how it technically works when creating a user for Lionel:

In plain English for the non-tech savvy people among us: an account for Lionel was created at Vectera automatically, thanks to the API!
(interface: Insomnia)

Do you want to integrate meeting rooms in your app or platform and/or generate user accounts at scale for your organization? Get in touch with the team and we’ll be happy to help!

Scheduling: only Vectera URLs in Google calendar invitations

A rather small update, but that doesn’t make it less important. Google Meet took over appointments booked with Vectera 😱. They added a link to their own platform in each calendar appointment and invitation.

It was already possible to deactivate this Google setting manually, but now we blocked that by default to avoid confusion for you and your clients.

Meeting rooms: share recordings and upcoming appointments

Share recordings with a single link

Another update for the recording function! Before, when you uploaded your recording to the Vectera cloud, your guests were able to access your meeting recordings from there. Well, we made the flow for sharing recordings even smoother than it already was.

Start with uploading your recording to the Vectera cloud, just like you did before. After that, you can now choose to create a shareable link. With that link, you can share your recordings with guests without requiring them to enter the meeting room. Your guests will be able to watch the recording with the provided link.

Create a public download link for your meeting recordings.

Next upcoming appointment in the waiting screen

Another meeting room update: as a meeting room owner, you will now see the next upcoming appointment on the waiting screen of that specific meeting room.

This is pretty useful when you own such an enormous amount of meeting rooms that you can’t see the wood for the trees anymore. Ending up in the wrong meeting room by accident is not longer possible due to our friendly reminder in the waiting screen:

The waiting screen will tell you when you have an appointment in this meeting room.

Whiteboards: improved navigation

Activated whiteboard will be highlighted

Before, activated whiteboards were visible in the center of the Vectera meeting room, but they weren’t anymore at the side of your screen.

Activated whiteboards will remain visible in the list at the right side and they will be highlighted so you now immediately which one is activated in the center of the meeting room.

Navigating through your whiteboards never was easier:

The activated whiteboard will stay highlighted in the list at the right side of your meeting room.

Lastly, we would like to highlight that we look forward to your feedback. Our main goal still is to improve your experience with creating online meeting rooms. Eager to get going? Log into your account or get started with a free, fully featured trial of Vectera.

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