Teamleader 🤝 Vectera: Good news for everyone!

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Vectera was acquired by Teamleader. What does that mean? A fantastic opportunity to make the platform you already know even better, at a faster pace than ever.

Ever since the start of Vectera, we wanted to create meaningful software to spend less time travelling and connect better.

Vectera has known insane growth with the pandemic. The pace of digitisation is incredibly fast with capital flooding the markets. Tools become platforms, platforms become 'operating systems'. Post pandemic, we questioned whether we should be the operating system or join a complimentary partner who is building the operating system for their customers to run their daily business.

Why Teamleader?

Teamleader has been a partner for many years. The increasing number of shared customers didn’t go unnoticed. The match between Teamleader and Vectera is apparent. Teamleader’s mission to sell, bill and organise better is very aligned with Vectera. Getting more business with less hassle is exactly what we’re both aiming for. Joining forces on this goal was a logical next step for both parties.

Joining a scale-up with close to 200 people at the time of writing brings some incredible advantages to Vectera:

  • Faster support, better documentation and easier onboarding for your team members.
  • Faster roadmap development and improved UI/UX.
  • Improved stability and reliability
  • Better enterprise support

What’s next for Vectera & existing customers?

First and foremost, Vectera and Teamleader are aligned on our commitments to our customers. It’s thanks to our customers that we were able to start this exciting new chapter together with Teamleader. For that reason, we will honour our commitments to all customers. Vectera will stay a standalone product and we honour our price commitments.

The acquisition of Vectera is the second acquisition in the history of Teamleader. After the acquisition of Yadera in 2019, Yadera was rebranded to Teamleader Orbit but its DNA didn’t change. It’s a fully standalone product under the Teamleader umbrella. The growth of Teamleader Orbit became such a success story it fuelled the appetite for additional acquisitions.

Vectera will benefit from all angles and areas post-acquisition. Increased resources and business maturity will greatly benefit everyone, in particular our valued customers who have been with us for years ❤️.

What's next for Teamleader?

Teamleader adds a lot of innovation to its product portfolio with the acquisition of Vectera. Bringing that value closer to the Teamleader customers is the first step in the partnership.

In parallel, the integration will be expanded. There are many touchpoints with Teamleader and we’ll be shipping a lot of innovations to improve the meeting, time tracking, scheduling and annotation capabilities.

What this means in practice will be unfolded on Work Smarter 2022, the Teamleader 10Y edition!

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We’re really looking forward to this new chapter and we hope to enjoy it together with you.

Dieter Dehaemers - CEO Vectera

The Vectera Team, now the Teamleader Vectera team. Left to right: Jeroen, Seppe, Matthias, Andreas, Mathias, Dieter