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On Friday, the 13th of March, things changed a lot for you and me. Lockdowns were initiated and working from home became the norm.

We acted fast and gave the full suite of Vectera for free. Anyone could use Vectera for personal and business purposes. The response was gigantic: we had a 30-fold increase in signups and usage. We heard fantastic stories about Vectera making a true difference between success and failure.

Meanwhile, we see the curves flattening and people are picking up their work and life again. But it will be different. Although it will be very rewarding to meet some people back in person, remote meetings are here to stay.

We are very thankful that you chose Vectera in this challenging time. However, we cannot pay people and infrastructure without any revenue. The unlimited free trial will come to an end on 1st June 2020.

We very much want you to keep using Vectera! That’s why we created a special offer:

Activate a subscription now and get 20% discount on your first invoice with the coupon “1JUNE2020”. You can activate this in your subscription. This coupon is available until 1st June 2020. Your unlimited free trial won’t be skipped as your paying subscription will be activated on 1st June.

We are aware that for some users a paying subscription is not an option at the moment. And we thought of that: starting on 1st June, a new, limited free plan will be launched. You’ll be moved automatically to the limited free plan if you don’t purchase a subscription. Check how the plans compare at

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