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Your customer portal, where your customers interact with your service, is a major touch point between your organisation and customers.

A frictionless experience from first click to final touch is imperative. And rightfully so. In the end, you want your users to return to their trusted customer portal, use your service and buy additional services.

Most portals are used in the following way:


  • logs into the customer portal
  • views dashboards
  • has no clue what the charts mean
  • can’t find a way to connect to someone who knows the situation
  • logs out of the portal
  • never goes back

Next: back to Outlook. Customer:

  • sends an email to schedule a meeting, resulting in 4 back-and-forth emails to find a suitable date.
  • picks up the phone, only to hear you’ll have to call back later as your advisor is in a meeting.

Great user experience? Doubtful. But you can make it great. How? Read on!

Make it easy

When your customer signs into their portal, you want to ensure that they see what’s most relevant for them. If they are in doubt, they should be able to get in touch with your organisation.

Make it easy for your users to contact their advisor. Adding the possibility to directly schedule a meeting in their advisors calendar has two major benefits:

  1. the client experiences it’s a lot more efficient than sending over their availability through mail. The relation with the client improves.
  2. the client returns to the portal to schedule a meeting whenever they need to. They’ll visit the portal more often and become “locked in” using your portal and services.

Depending on the client’s preferences, you can configure appointments for online meetings, on location or by phone.

It’s neatly embeddable in your customer portal with a minimal effort - Vectera does the heavy lifting there.

Let your client schedule a meeting from within their portal
Give your client the possibility to schedule a meeting with their advisor from within the portal.

Make it familiar

As soon as the client has scheduled a meeting with their advisor, they will receive a confirmation email with all the appointment details.

The appointment is added to the calendar of both client and host. That way, the process fits in nicely into the calendar & email process the client is familiar with.

For online meetings, Vectera automatically creates a client specific online meeting room that the client can access through a simple URL. They receive the URL both by email and it’s added to the appointment in their calendar.

Opening the URL brings the client in the meeting room’s lobby. They can check their camera, microphone, hairstyle and enjoy the customisable wallpaper.

Easily access the online meeting rooms with a simple URL
Vectera’s online meeting rooms can be accessed through a simple URL, on all devices.

Unlock the full potential

When the client feels ready to join the meeting room, the advisor grants them access. The meeting room can be (automatically) prepared with pre-uploaded files and notes. Pitching new clients with the same pitch deck? Some guidelines for advising new hires in the private notes? Provision everything for a smooth process.

Both the client and advisor can share screens and conduct a quality video meeting. Or keep it to audio-only (if the hairstyle didn’t make the cut).

Use files, screens and notes for a quality online meeting
your client joins the meeting., let’s start meeting.

Meeting is over? Uploaded files, notes and comments remain in the meeting room, ready for the next meeting with the same client.


Vectera allows you to enrich your customer portal with smart scheduling and online meeting rooms. It’s a major component providing a stellar user experience with minimal effort.

Do you want to find out more on how Vectera can enrich your portal? Or are you using a client portal and would like to see Vectera added in your workflow?

Schedule a meeting with us and experience the flow first hand.

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