September updates: fancy our new styling?

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After the voluminous summer updates, were already back at it with another feature release. This blog post contains updates in the whiteboards, the scheduler and dashboard. Enjoy 😎!

New styling in the dashboard, meeting rooms and scheduler

You probably already noticed it, but we restyled the Vectera Dashboard, scheduler and meeting rooms. In that way, the styling of all Vectera pages looks similar to the Vectera website.

All known features will still be available in the revamped version of Vectera (and even more, so keep on reading)!

Fancy our new styling? Don't hesitate to share your feedback by sending an email to:

Meeting and booking reports

If you’re an observant user, you’ll also have noticed that the dashboard menu has some extra options. One of those extra options is the Insights page 📈.

In this new tab, you can get an overview of how many meetings are held across your team, the duration of those meetings, ... This tab, and thus the meeting statistics of the whole team will only be visible for the team admin.

If you’re the team admin and you’d like to get extra insights, don’t hesitate to book a meeting! Please note that this option is available for Vectera Enterprise users or users on a Business plan with a minimum of 5 hosts in their subscription.

Updates in the scheduler: customize and translate emails and cancel appointments

Customize email templates

You can now customize the layout and the text styling of the confirmation, the reminder and the cancellation emails 🎨 🖌.

In order to customize the layout of your emails, you will need to write custom HTML code that will be used as a template for all your emails. Vectera provides a preview so you can check whether the layout shows well. In that way, you can fully brand your emails to create the best experience for your own customers. Please note that you need the Vectera Business or Enterprise plan or the old Vectera Pro plan + Whitelabel add-on.

You can also go with the default layout of the appointment emails, but still tweak the text styling! This help article shows you how you can add headings, use bold and italic text, add URLs, and more.

Email translations

Next to the advanced styling options for emails, also email translations are there! You can edit (and style) the text of your appointment emails in your own (supported) language. Based on that language, the appointment details will be automatically (and magically) translated.

Supported languages are English, Dutch, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Polish and Lithuanian. This help article will guide you through.

Cancel scheduled appointments

Before, the only way to cancel appointments in Vectera was by canceling them in your calendar tool itself. But now, it’s possible for a host to cancel an appointment from the Vectera dashboard 🚫! You will also see a new appointments page existing of all upcoming and past appointments. Find out more in this help article!

Maximized whiteboarding space

Until recently, there was a load of unused free space in your Vectera meeting rooms. To make better use of all this free space, the whiteboards are now bigger than ever. Go to one of your meeting rooms, open a whiteboard and start typing ⌨️ or drawing ✍️ together with your client.

Other improvements

  • We updated the ‘Reset to default’ buttons for Custom text strings and the legal text blocks on mobile phones. Go check it out in your team settings!

Lastly, we would like to highlight that we look forward to your feedback. Our main goal still is to improve your experience with creating online meeting rooms. Eager to get going? Log into your account or get started with a free, fully featured trial of Vectera.

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