Vectera November updates: email reminders, duplicate appointment types and more!

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It’s November: leaves are falling down from trees, but at Vectera the sun keeps shining and new features are still popping up! Just have a seat, lean back and read all about the new updates in the scheduler and meeting rooms.


Quite a lot to announce regarding the scheduler this month! You can now automatically send out email and calendar reminders for scheduled appointments, duplicate appointment types to save valuable time and add terms and conditions to your Vectera booking page!

Email reminders

Did you ever have a client who forgot your appointment? Well, you can now send out email and calendar reminders for upcoming appointments!

In your calendar preferences, you can edit the template of your ‘client reminder email’ to make it more personal. Besides your own message, the email also contains the meeting room details.

Edit the email reminder template in your scheduling preferences.

You can also edit the email reminder template for each specific appointment type in the tab ‘Email templates’ (for individual appointment types) or in the tab ‘hosts’ (for team appointment types) when editing your appointment type.

For each appointment type, you can choose how many minutes before the appointment you want the email reminder to be sent out. Over here you can also choose to send a calendar reminder from your calendar tool. Tip: 1 day equals 1440 minutes.

You can set up email and/or calendar reminders for each appointment type.

Duplicate appointment types

After the meeting room templates in October, we have a new time saver for you!

If you want to create a new appointment type with the same settings as the settings of an existing appointment type, you can now easily duplicate that existing appointment type. You’ll only have to edit the necessary settings, like the name and description of the new appointment type.

Click duplicate, that’s all you’ve got to do!

Especially for team appointment types, this can be a huge time saver!

Add terms and conditions to your booking page

To ensure that your clients are being informed about the privacy of their data, you can now add your own terms and conditions to your Vectera booking page. Before confirming an appointment with you, clients and leads will have to agree with these terms before they can actually schedule the appointment.

Add terms and conditions in team settings.

The team admin of your team can add and change the terms and conditions in the team settings of his/her Vectera account. This means that the terms and conditions are set up immediately for the whole team and that they will automatically show on the booking page of every single team member.

Important notice: GDPR requires a client’s approval of processing their data. With this feature, Vectera provides the possibility to allow the client to agree with your own terms & privacy policy.

The terms and conditions will show on each team member’s booking page.

Meeting rooms

Reducing the chance on audio feedback

A smart solution in the meeting rooms to guarantee the best audio quality! Vectera will now show a notification if you selected different microphone and speaker devices to prevent audio feedback.

If possible, always select the same microphone and speaker device to avoid audio feedback!

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Lastly, we would like to highlight that we look forward to your feedback. Our main goal still is to improve your experience with creating online meeting rooms. Eager to get going? Log into your account or get started with a free, fully featured trial of Vectera.

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