March updates: receive payments, new dashboard, mobile improvement

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A new month has arrived, so we have new updates to share! We've been working hard at a lot of improvements and new features.

Dashboard: a fresh look and team management updates

Although all Vectera-action usually happens in the meeting rooms and on the booking pages, the dashboard received some well-deserved attention as well!

After the meeting room interface got an over-due facelift last year, the dashboard was up next.

Disclaimer: we didn't use any botox in our dashboard. Added some shade though!

It's gotten a fresh look and improved navigation. Have a look around and let us know what you think!

A fresh look with improved navigation in your Vectera dashboard

Team management

We made it easier to invite new team members to your team. Both during and after your trial:

  • You can expand your team with up to 9 team members during your trial. The perfect way to get a great start at better client meetings for your whole team.
  • Invite team members you say? This also became a lot easier as you can simply create a permanent invite URL through which new team members can register and join your team. Smoooooth. Click on 'Invite new member' in Team Management and create the link and copy. Now you're ready to start sharing that link!
Click on 'Invite new member' to generate a permanent invite link

And some white label updates! If white label is included in your subscription of course. You can configure these in Team Management. They apply to all your team members:

  • If a client lands on your custom domain without specifying a meeting room (we don't blame them, that happens), eg., you can now redirect them to a page of your choice. Like your scheduling page!
  • Create trust with your clients by adding 'Powered by Vectera' to your public bookings pages and welcome screen in your meeting rooms. It will show below your appointment types and in the bottom left of your welcome screen.
  • As you can see on the screenshot below, all white label settings have been move to Team Management. Set your logo, favicon and welcome screen background one time to apply them to all team members. Efficiency, yay!
All settings on one place, how's that for an upgrade?

Scheduling: copy links & payments

We've got two updates for you. Small and big. Let's start with the small one:

You can now directly copy the appointment type URL from your scheduling admin. Small tweak, but another click saved!

And the big one:

Vectera now allows you to accept payments when a client schedules a meeting! Head over to our integrations tab and connect with your Stripe account (more payment providers like Paypal are scheduled).

Or euros, pounds,... you name it!

Once you're connected, you can choose which appointment types require payment. Set the amount, currency and your payment policy and start collecting those $€£!

For a technical how-to, you can check out our Help Center. And of course: if you have any questions, shoot us an email or get in touch through chat.

Meeting rooms

The core of Vectera and where it all started.

  • This means sometimes we have to do some fixing and smoothing. For example, when you're joining a meeting room, your camera and microphone options could sometimes show duplicates. From now on, less is more and they will only show once.
  • We made Vectera mobile-ready mid 2019, but a major part was still missing: allowing clients to enter the meeting room while hosting the meeting on your smartphone. That's history now! You can allow clients to enter the meeting room when you're hosting the meeting room on your smartphone.
Hi there! Apparently size matters when you're using GIFs

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Happy meetings!